Handcrafted Catfish



              Bill’s Lures

FRIED PICKLES: Sour, Salty and Fried, They’ve been a popular snack in the South for ages. Elvis, King of Rock and Fried Foods, is said to have loved them…….

CALF FRIES: Call them what you will - calf fries, cowboy caviar, lamb fries, swinging beef, or Rocky Mountain oysters, they are simply outstanding….

CHEESE STIX: Mozzarella cheese sticks, with seasoned bread crumbs and herbs, fried and served with our homemade ranch or marinara sauce…


TATOR TWISTERS: This is what happens when potatoes
meet power tools
. The ribbons  are thrown into the fryer
and removed as soon as they  begin to turn  golden……

ONION RINGS: Hand breaded sweet Onions cooked to perfection…

While Bill’s specializes in catfish, their shrimp, frog legs, scallops, oysters and calf fries have also become a hit with many. Bill’s hand-sliced tenderloin catfish filet is battered
in a seasoned  cornmeal, and then fried to crispy perfection in specially blended oil. The farm-raised catfish is sliced thin and is full of flavor.

Then comes the secret family recipe. Bill’s tasty tarter sauce adds the final touch to the filets. When combined with cole slaw, hush puppies, French fries and all the
 trimmings, one can have a very satisfying meal.

 In addition to the seafood type menu items, Bill’s also has steak fingers, steaks and chicken, and several sections of the grill. Plus, a kid’s menu is sure to satisfy the
 little ones.

And, the food is all cooked and prepared in the same manner that has been tested and tried throughout the history of the restaurant. When their grandparents first
opened Bill’s, they went along with the theme, “A friendly place where friends meet.” Lately, they have been using another saying, “For a sure catch every time.
The best ‘lil fish house around.” And, over the past 40-plus years, Bill’s has certainly lived up to these principles, because customers and friends keep coming back
for more. “A lot of people are really familiar with the name,”.


"Best I've ever had!"
-Tyler T.

"The House Dressing is Excellent!"
-K Ellis

"Our service was Excellent!!"

"The steak was the best I've had in Stillwater."
-Mike B.
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